Ensemble Cymru travels to Vienna for ClassicalNEXT

Ensemble Cymru will be flying the flag for Wales at the ClassicalNEXT event in Vienna, Austria this May. More than 1,000 music companies, individuals and exhibitors from over 40 different countries attended last year’s event with even higher numbers expected to turn out for the 2014 show.

We’ve put together three distinct packages to illustrate the different services Ensemble Cymru can offer. An overview of each package is outline below and if you’d like to register your interest and find out more about the possibility of working with Ensemble Cymru, please complete this form.

The packages

Package 1

A made-to-order chamber music experience. Just tell us your…

  • Audience
  • Budget
  • Location

And we’ll design a concert, workshop, public event to suit your requirements.

Keywords: Flexible, concerts, bespoke, workshops, public events, chamber music

Package 2

Music for learning, music for life!

Using music to create a rich learning experience for children in many topics including languages, science and history. Options to include training for teachers – compose and perform chamber music with top classical musicians and composers.

Keywords: Learn, inspire, create, schools, children, training, teachers

Package 3

Connect with communities, institutions, businesses, schools and universities in Wales through chamber music.

Together, we can build international relationships bringing together composers, instrumentalists and singers to create and perform.

Keywords: relationships, culture, connect, creativity, future of music