Shining a light on living composers in Wales

Ensemble Cymru and Composers of Wales have joined forces to shine a spotlight on the work of three Welsh composers this spring.  Three composers have been chosen to have their music showcased in special pre-concert events during Ensemble Cymru’s national tour this May.

The three selected composers, Gareth Churchill, Rhian Samuel and Guto Pryderi Puw, will each have their winning music performed by Ensemble Cymru during a

‘Composer’s Spotlight’. With the composers present at each of the 30-minute events, audiences across Wales will be treated to an exclusive opportunity to meet the composers and hear their music.

The date of each event and the featured composer are listed below –

Composers Spotlight Events

May 4th 6pm, Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff. Composer Spotlight: music for cello, double bass and harp composed and presented by GARETH CHURCHILL. Find out more about this event here.

May 6th, Aberystwyth Arts Centre, 2pm. Composer Spotlight: music for clarinet, harp and flute composed and presented by RHIAN SAMUEL. Find out more about this event here.

May 13th, Pontio, Bangor, 2pm. Composer Spotlight: music for flute, clarinet and harp composed and presented by GUTO PRYDERI PUW. Find out more about this event here.





(Left to right) Gareth Churchill; Rhian Samuel; Guto Pryderi Puw

Working with Composers of Wales to bring work of living Welsh composers to the fore is something which is very close to Ensemble Cymru’s heart, as its Artistic Director, Peryn Clement-Evans explains:

“Ensemble Cymru’s mission as an organisation is to raise the profile of Wales’ heritage and contemporary culture through music. We’re thrilled to be working with Composers of Wales our performances to bring composers and audiences together in a celebration of music written by people living and working in Wales today.”

Paul Corfield Godfrey, Secretary of Composers of Wales, observes:

“It is hoped that these series of concerts in association with Ensemble Cymru will provide an ongoing series of opportunities for Welsh composers to bring their works before a wider audience and showcase the wealth and depth of talent in Wales. The intention to continue these programmes over future years will also expand the range of composers featured in the spotlight. By engaging with already established audiences for concerts by Ensemble Cymru, and attaching them to their scheduled concerts, an increased public profile will be established for composers currently living and working in Wales. The programmes will be recorded, and composers will be present at the concerts featuring their music, enabling them to engage with performers and the audiences. Ensemble Cymru will also benefit from their experience with various fields of contemporary music and extend their repertoire.”