Community Radio Station Pilot

The dream for Radio Ensemble is that it will offer Musicians, Composers, Practitioners, Performance Groups, and individuals a much-needed platform and offer the community a much-needed bi-lingual social hub.

Community radio stations are uniquely placed in their own community to make a difference to the society that they serve. Ensemble’s community radio station is going live as a ‘pilot’ on 22 March 2021 in Ysgol Tudno, giving Ensemble Cymru followers and Ysgol Tudno families access to the airwaves giving opportunities for social benefits.

Community Radio can reach the isolated, the forgotten and the marginalised. In other words – Community radio is what happens when the power of the people meets the power of the airwaves!

Radio Ensemble could flourish as an effective valuable neighbourhood resource; it needs your input:

Finding Community Partners:  Can you introduce Radio Ensemble to either other groups that you are involved with or individuals that you know?

Are you a Musician, Performer, Practitioner looking for an opportunity to raise your profile?

Volunteer Broadcasters, producers, and reporters. Do you know of any potential talent lurking in the shadows of the community?

More support and back-up. Community groups all need to help each other. Between us we probably have access to just about everything. The more partners, the more resources.

Local interest. Can you help us reach into the community, to uncover awe-inspiring stories of human triumph, local personalities who can captivate our community?

Better skills:  Do you have skills and experience to share with us?

Tell us: What does the community need and want from the Radio Ensemble station?




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    What is community radio?

    Community Radio is part of the “non-commercial” media sector, meaning they are not operated for the purpose of creating a profit for individual owners. Instead, community radio stations are operated for the benefit of a local community.

    Community radio has local programming provided by volunteers and the local community. They are expressions of the communities they serve and can have eclectic programming ranging from educational, to talk, music, advocacy, news, and cultural programmes.

    Here’s a link to one internet radio