Our commitment

We are committed to developing talent in Wales. So often people feel that outstanding music or art can only exist in large cities. We think differently. By basing our ensemble in rural Wales, we are committed to working with Welsh communities, in Welsh venues with musicians who are rooted in and passionate about Wales.

We are committed to sharing our passion for music. Music is uplifting, inspiring and joyous and we want to share that with our audiences and communities. So more than just concerts, we’re committed to creating opportunities to work with communities to co-create music and experiences that will uplift and inspire. We love talking to new people, building our relationships and creating new ideas and work for everyone. That’s why we choose to work with primary school children and teachers, students, and isolated communities and many more.

We are committed to increasing access to our music. We are working with venues and spaces to increase accessibility, to create safe spaces for neuro-divergent audiences. We’re trialling, testing and innovating with digital music, so that people can freely access our music and performances online.

We are committed to relevance. As well as celebrating our heritage, we work with new composers, dancers and singers to commission new music, bring fresh ideas, and create new work that amplifies the voices, memories, lives, and experiences of our communities today.

Nant Gwynant arial photo © Crown copyright (2021) Wales