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Music Charities Band Together to support Performers in Pandemic

Decimated livelihoods

There is new hope for freelance musicians and singers in Wales whose livelihoods have been decimated by the current pandemic.

Two Welsh music charities have joined forces to raise funds to support performers, composers and music practitioners to work with their local communities through music.  With funds raised Ensemble Cymru and Mid Wales Opera hope with the help of local singers and musicians to put music back into the heart of Wales’ communities.

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A Blue-print for Innovative and High-quality School and Cultural Partnerships

An Independent Report by Nia Richards (Tybed)

Ysgol Tudno and Ensemble Cymru are developing innovative practice within the Expressive Arts through a collaborative professional-enquiry approach, they are increasing engagement by being responsive to pupils’ needs and interests and they are building relationships between the school and the wider community.

Nia Richards (Tybed)

Effective community schools make thoughtful use of school assets to improve the lives of children and families in the local community. They work in partnership with local groups and organisations in enterprising and creative ways. They seek to address gaps in local sport, cultural or care provision. 

Estyn, 20201
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Ensemble Cymru

Ensemble Cymru, Resident Ensemble at Bangor University and Venue Cymru (Llandudno), is the leading chamber music performing group in Wales.  It has a core membership of 20 instrumentalists and singers.  Established as a charity in 2002, its mission is to champion Wales’ heritage and contemporary chamber music culture alongside chamber music from across the world to audiences in Wales and internationally.

During 2019-20, Ensemble Cymru toured Wales

During its 2017-2018 Season, Ensemble Cymru toured with Mid Wales Opera in their production of Tchaikovsky’s Eugene Onegin and with OPRA Cymru on its award-winning production of Wythnos yng Nghymru Fydd by Gareth Glyn and Mererid Hopwood.  The Ensemble performed with internationally celebrated French harpist Isabelle Moretti at the International Harp Festival in Caernarfon and undertook two national tours in the culmination of a two-year project of chamber music featuring the harp co-curated by the Ensemble’s principal harpist, Anne Denholm (Royal Harpist) and its Artistic Director, Peryn Clement-Evans.

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Music at Your Place

Are you a musician, singer or composer of opera, vocal or chamber-scale music?

Would you like to do something positive during Covid-19 to connect and make music with your local community in Wales?

Can you think of a new project you could set up and deliver with a
community group in your local area?

If you have answered yes to all 3 questions, please read on!

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Acceptance to The Big Give!

Ensemble Cymru are excited to have been accepted again to be part of this year’s Big Give Christmas Challenge! The Big Give is a national match-funding scheme that runs every December, providing over 9,500 charities with a fundraising platform and a chance to showcase their work.

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Ensemble Cymru creates opportunities for young and early career composers

Cello: Nicola Pearce

In September 2019, a trio of Peryn Clement-Evans (clarinet), Nicola Pearce (cello) and Richard Ormond (piano) started an initial week-long residency with students from across Carmarthenshire, Ceredigion and Pembrokeshire.  Alongside Lynne Plowman they led three composition workshops for 400 GCSE and A level students.

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Touch Tour for the Blind Veterans of Llandudno

One of the highlights of our tour in the autumn was our visit to the Blind Veterans Centre in north Wales. The centre in Llandudno is where blind veterans or veterans with sight impairment are given respite, training and rehabilitation and where they can be asessed and given support.  The building on the outskirts of Llandudno was built back at the beginning of the last century by the Forresters’ family as a convalescence home for shale miners, but is now Blind Veterans UK’s newest centre.

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