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Radio Ensemble Cymru

Children of Ysgol Tudno work with Ensemble Cymru musicians to promote well-being through music. The project was part of Venue Cymru’s annual Take pART 2021 festival for 0 to 18-year-olds and their families. The project was supported by Conwy Arts Trust.

Together with the Ensemble Cymru musicians, the children created the material for radio shows on the community radio ‘Radio Ensemble Cymru’. Each day they work with a different musician and present a different animal and musical instrument. Through devising and recording content they learnt digital and collaborative skills as well as building confidence and improving their communication and language.

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Community Radio Station Pilot

The dream for Radio Ensemble is that it will offer Musicians, Composers, Practitioners, Performance Groups, and individuals’ a much-needed platform and offer the community a much-needed bi-lingual social hub.

Community radio stations are uniquely placed in their own community to make a difference to the society that they serve. Ensemble’s community radio station is going live as a ‘pilot’ on 22 March 2021 in Ysgol Tudno, giving Ensemble Cymru followers and Ysgol Tudno families access to the airwaves giving opportunities for social benefits.

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Music at Your Place

Are you a musician, singer or composer of opera, vocal or chamber-scale music? Would you like to do something positive during Covid-19 to connect and make music with your local community in Wales? Can you think of a new project you could set up and deliver with a community group in your local area?

If you have answered yes to all 3 questions, please read on!

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Touch Tour for the Blind Veterans of Llandudno

One of the highlights of our tour in the autumn was our visit to the Blind Veterans Centre in north Wales. The centre in Llandudno is where blind veterans or veterans with sight impairment are given respite, training and rehabilitation and where they can be asessed and given support.  The building on the outskirts of Llandudno was built back at the beginning of the last century by the Forresters’ family as a convalescence home for shale miners, but is now Blind Veterans UK’s newest centre.

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