Report by Derfel Thomas, Ysgol Tudno to Ensemble Cymru

As education providers, we recognize the importance of the creative arts and their place in pupil development and working alongside other stakeholders, we aim to enhance the opportunities we provide as a school. Through varied, rewarding experiences, we hope to develop the citizens of the future. Through creative opportunities children learn to express themselves and… Continue reading Report by Derfel Thomas, Ysgol Tudno to Ensemble Cymru

Radio Ensemble Cymru

Children of Ysgol Tudno work with Ensemble Cymru musicians to promote well-being through music. The project was part of Venue Cymru’s annual Take pART 2021 festival for 0 to 18-year-olds and their families. The project was supported by Conwy Arts Trust. Together with the Ensemble Cymru musicians, the children created the material for radio shows on the… Continue reading Radio Ensemble Cymru

Ensemble Cymru Podcasts

Childrens Art Week: Oriel Everywhere! 29 June – 18 July 2020

Ensemble Cymru Podcasts made available with kind permission of Oriel Myrddin – to hear the podcasts again go to

Our Passion for Education

Llandudno 2005/6/7? a primary school… A group of us went in with Peryn to introduce our instruments and to play some music to some small children from year 2 or year 3 I think. When it was Patrick Broderick’s turn to introduce the french horn, he explained to the children that although the instrument looks… Continue reading Our Passion for Education

A Blue-print for Innovative and High-quality School and Cultural Partnerships

Ysgol Tudno and Ensemble Cymru are developing innovative practice within the Expressive Arts through a collaborative professional-enquiry approach, they are increasing engagement by being responsive to pupils’ needs and interests and they are building relationships between the school and the wider community.