Composers Spotlight – the music of Guto Pryderi Puw

Date 13/05/2018 Time 2:00 pm - 2:30 pm

Composers Spotlight – the music of Guto Pryderi Puw

Ensemble Cymru and Composers of Wales have joined forces to shine a spotlight on the work of three Welsh composers this spring. And at Bangor’s Pontio Arts Centre on May 13th, the music of composer Guto Pryderi Puw, will be the focus.

Ensemble Cymru will perform A Gwaedd y Bechgyn… for flute, clarinet and harp, introduced by the composer, Guto Pryderi Puw.

Donations in aid of Ensemble Cymru’s work with composers in Wales.

Promoted by Ensemble Cymru and Composers of Wales.

Find out more about the Composers Spotlight series.

Ensemble Cymru’s Anniversary Finale concert will follow this event, more details here.

Video interviews

See video interviews below of Guto discussing his life and music.