Radio Ensemble Cymru

Children of Ysgol Tudno worked with Ensemble Cymru musicians to promote well-being through music. The project was part of Venue Cymru’s annual Take pART 2021 festival for 0 to 18-year-olds and their families and supported by Conwy Arts Trust.

Radio Ensemble Cymru was broadcast daily from 22 March to 16 April. Find out more…

What is community radio?

Community Radio is part of the “non-commercial” media sector, meaning they are not operated for the purpose of creating a profit for individual owners. Instead, community radio stations are operated for the benefit of a local community.

Community radio has local programming provided by volunteers and the local community. They are expressions of the communities they serve and can have eclectic programming ranging from educational, to talk, music, advocacy, news, and cultural programmes.

Here’s a link to one internet radio