Connecting communities

We work with families, children, community groups, students and schools to experiment, create, learn and have fun with music. We want our music to create opportunities for people to come together and celebrate the stories, culture and heritage of Wales.

We’ve met some incredible people and heard inspiring and heart-moving stories and here are just a few of our highlights.

We’re working with families, living with autism on Anglesey. So often performances, concerts or venues feel alien, unsettling and challenging. The surroundings or the setting excludes them and doesn’t meet the needs of their family. We’re committed to co-creating music and experiences for these families to increase their wellbeing and sense of connection.

We’ve worked with the Blind Veterans Centre in north Wales. Based in Llandudno they support veterans with training, rehabilitation and respite. A real highlight was a performance of Bugeilio’r Gwenith Gwyn by John Metcalf. The familiar melody was sung by many in the audience. A really uplifting moment.

We’ve performed in hospitals, schools and worked with organisations such as the Alzheimer’s Society Wales in Aberystwyth sharing chamber music with people, their families and carers who are unable to access concerts in a space where they feel safe and welcome.

We’ve hosted community events, bringing together community groups, choirs, local singers and musicians to take part in a weekend of music making. Our celebration of J.S Bach saw more than 100 people coming together to take part and share in the joy of music.