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Oriel Myrddin Podcasts Children’s Art Week: Oriel Everywhere!

Ensemble Cymru joined Oriel Myrddin Gallery for ‘Oriel Everywhere’, a musical podcast where you can listen and respond to music inspired by the natural world.

Listeners were encouraged to take time out for a little bit of mindful drawing with a beautiful composition ‘Perlau Glaw’ inspired by the rain and played on the harp by Mared Emlyn.

Participants were advised to have before listening: a piece of paper, pencil or pen and coloured pencils or pens.  Space to work where you can get comfortable, an outside space or sitting near a window being perfect for being inspired by nature.  This activity takes 8 minutes and is still available at Oriel Myrddin Gallery – ‘Oriel Everywhere’

28 June – 18 July 2020
Total number of listens on SoundCloud is 333
499 people ‘reached’ and 81 post ‘engagements’ on the social media posts